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About Us

HelpsNet was born out of a desire to help struggling families with the support they need from those around them.  We were founded by Pastor Doug Jordan as a result of his vision to see families, churches and non-profit organizations who were in need, have those needs supplied by friends willing to give a helping hand.  

Currently Pastor Jordan has been a member of the Lighthouse Baptist Church in Lemon Grove, CA for 35 years and has served on staff for 32 of those years as an Associate Pastor. He and his wife Jeanne have 6 children and 17 grandchildren.  He and his wife own and his wife operates a Gift Store on Coronado Island.

Pastor Jordan has worked in or lead practically every ministry within the Evangelistic Fundamental Baptist Church.  His primary focus today is on Biblical counseling and is the Church’s music director.  He is also serving in the Juniors program, Jr. Camp, Adult Bile study teacher (Abundant Life Class), Lighthouse Bible Institute Instructor, sporting events and couples retreat coordinator, and oversees the production of the Easter and Christmas holiday outreach programs.  Pastor Jordan traveled with his family 3 months out of the year for 5 years doing evangelistic work, conducting marriage/family and music seminars.  His family has recorded 8 conservative evangelistic music CD’s.

Pastor Jordan has earned a BA and ThM from Sacramento Baptist College, MA from Baptist Christian University, and working toward a DMin from Andersonville Theological Seminary with marriage/family counseling emphasis.

His past accomplishments include owning and operating a successful Sporting Goods business for 10 years, worked in the construction industry in several capacities and managed a restaurant in Orange County.