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Bottom Line

What is The Helps Network?

Let me begin by saying HelpsNet is unique.  When I say that I’m not kidding, there are no other social networking type sites like this on the planet.  You may think "that’s what they’ll say” " this is just like the rest of the sites” but your presumptions would be wrong.  There is literally nothing like HelpsNet anywhere on the Internet or elsewhere.  I suggest you don’t blow it off with a superficial understanding.  When you really understand The Helps Network and the principles and ideas behind it, only then will you understand its uniqueness and possibilities.  

The Helps Network is a Network of like minded individuals banding together to be a help to one another.  HelpsNet is offering a simple to use platform for these individuals to accomplish the goal of being a help to others or letting others know when they need help.  It is totally free to be a regular member of this network of friends.   

One of the unique characteristics is that you can only become a member by being sponsored by someone you personally know.  Members then become "friends,” with other members, they get to know each other and are encouraged too.  They can call, write, e-mail or even visit if so agreed with each other.  As friends, when someone needs help, each individual takes the responsibility of determining whether or not that particular need presented to them is worthy of their help.  Everything is voluntary and nothing is required of any member to take advantage of the HelpsNet program.

One of the basic communications used by HelpsNet members is sending Friendship/Birthday cards to their friends each year. The cards become the unique, no obligation way to enable members to be a help to others or receive help themselves. 
Most people don’t know enough people or have the amount of friends it takes to be a significant help to them in times of distress. So, The Helps Network gives you the ability to build a network of friends, all with the same goals, over 55,000 of them. Let me give this example: If, as a member you found yourself in a crisis, you could contact your network of friends with your need. Each member would carefully examine it (possibly contact you) to see if they can help in some way.  If they choose to do so they can help in any way they choose, meeting the need, praying, contributing financially or if they choose not doing a thing. It’s totally their decision.  In turn you would do the same thing for the people who's network you are in. There's no charge and no obligation on anyone's part, just friends being friends.
It is very easy for each "friend” in HelpsNet builds their own network. All it takes is you keeping in contact with six "Personal Friends.”  Your only necessary work to begin your journey is a willingness to sponsor six Friends and help them sponsor six friends. Only six!  Just as someone sponsors you to join The Helps Network, you will do so for six others.  As a member you will never have more than six personal friends ever ask you for help.  Yet, if you were to need help, you would have the availability of your entire network, over 55,000 friends, to respond to your need.  I know it may be a little difficult to understand on the surface but once you completely know the workings of the helps network you will be very pleased. 
If at this time you do know someone who is a member of HelpsNet, you may want to  contact them and allow them to be your sponsor.  They will fully explain the program or send you back to the site to watch the "Introduction Video" before they sponsor you into The Helps network.
 If you don’t have a Sponsor at this time but want to be a part of the fastest growing network of its kind, use the join button on the opening page, then hit the "I don’t have a sponsor” link. I will personally guide you through the necessary process.  We want to be your friend. We’re trying not to leave anyone out. E-mail with any questions.  You will want to look into the Premium Membership, located within made up of friends called "the Christian Friendship Club.” Here members are offered additional features to their experience.
Thank you for your interest in The Helps Network..