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Introduction Letter

This page contains the dialog from the "Introduction Video."  Should you not want to watch the video or desire to review the information, this is your page.  You must read this or watch the video if you intend to join HelpsNet.

 Welcome to the The Helps Network presentation. I’m Doug Jordan founder of HelpsNet. I’m excited to introduce you to a new and revolutionary program that could drastically change your life and that of your friends. To begin let me ask you a couple questions. "Has there ever been a time in your life where you could have used a helping hand, but none was available?” "Have you ever wanted to help one of your friends, but were not able to, because you didn’t have the funds available to be a help, or the time to help?” The Helps Network has been created to provide you with the ability to create a network of friends, which would all want to help you if a need was to arise in your life. It also could give you the ability to help others in return. Before I continue to explain the free program and how it works, let me give you a little background of how I came about the idea. As a pastor I frequently come across people who need help but don’t have the resources to get the help they need. For example, my father just had a serious stroke and with his Medicare insurance deductibles, co-pays and the need for 24-hour in-home care, he has been strapped with an enormous financial burden that he will have difficulty in paying with his fixed retirement income. What is he to do? As family we can certainly help all we can but that still will not cover all the expense. His network of friends is very limited and the friends he has are in similar situations. Yes, the church and community could help but they’re overwhelmed with so many in need. I kept telling myself something needs to be done.

Not long ago the pastor of a small church mentioned the church was in a crisis situation and he needed to raise extra cash to take care of a critical need. His people gave all that they could and still came up very short at raising the money needed. Where can he find the much needed extra funds that are beyond his congregations reach? This situation has played itself out over and over again, only the names and locations have changed.

With these situations in mind I began to think of how prominent figures such as Billy Graham or some of the guests on Donald Trumps' "Celebrity Apprentice” were able to raise enormous amounts of money for a project they were promoting. The reason they didn’t experience as much difficulty in raising the money is because they had, at their disposal a network of friends throughout the world, that were willing to help them meet the need they presented. All Billy Graham had to do was inform them of the problem and the money was freely sent to help. With a network of 5 million friends or more, each friend would only need to send him one dollar and he would have $5 million to work with!

I’m reminded of the old "barn-raising’s,” which are still being practiced today in many of our Amish communities. Here the entire community pitches in to help one of their neighbors build a barn or house. Simply friends helping friends. There are several insurance companies now using this principle, like meta-share, Samaritan ministries or "the healthcare sharing ministry" known as HCSM, which are based on members sharing the cost of health treatment. All these circumstances combined gave me a wonderful idea. Wouldn't it be great if you and I had a lot of friends all willing to help each other on a mutual basis? Why not start an organization of friends, on a "network basis” were needs are shared and then those in the network, if they freely choose to do so, can meet those needs. All of this can be done on a mutual friendship basis. Think of the joy would bring, meeting needs, sharing with others and making new friends!

 Of course this is all a great idea and not a new concept. How am I going to make it work? I believe I have come up with the answer. In theHelpsNet program I’ve created a way each individual can create a network of over 55,000 friends, all willing to help them if they can and it is simple and free. Yes, you could have a network of over 55,000 friends that you could communicate a need too and they are promising that if they can help they will. It's so simple you only need to know six friends to begin with. You are personally only committing to help six "personal friends”. These six friends will be the only people who will ever contact you with a need and you will only help these friends if you can. Of course the greatest thing about it is it’s free. It doesn’t cost you one dime to be a member of The Helps Network and participate in his wonderful network of friends. Everything is absolutely voluntary. I’m simply providing you the platform to create your own network of friends, all who would be willing to help you should a time come where you need help. Then, allowing you to help others if you desire.

 Someone has asked me "how can I help others if I can barely help myself?” The answer to that is twofold. First of all, you are only volunteering to help one of the six people (your "Personal Friends), the only one's who will ever ask you for help, and you will help only if you can. There’s no requirement for somebody to help someone to be part of The Helps Network. We all desire to be a help to someone but only if we can. The second part of the answer to that question is I have anticipated this, so I have built into the HelpsNet program a feature called "The Friendship Enablement Blessing.” This simple gesture of kindness could give you the ability to help your six personal friends if they should ever have a financial need.

Now let’s begin to talk about how were going to make this happen. In other words how do I build my network?

 As a foundation you’ll need to remember a few key points:

 1. The number six. You are only committing to help six people or another way of saying it is, only six people will ever asking you for help.

 2. You will only be sponsoring six people into the program and mentoring them to fulfill the membership agreement, which is to sponsor six people in the program.

 3. In order to be sponsored into the program, it must be by someone you personally know and you can only sponsor someone into the program that you personally know. This is how we help maintain the integrity of the program. Since you’ll know everyone, nothing questionable will ever happen without everyone knowing about it. The program will govern itself automatically.

 Let me give you an example of how the process works. Someone you personally know will be your sponsor and you will sign up under him or her and be part of their network of friends. (wright -sponsor Doug ) I’ll use myself as an example in this case. Your sponsor will then introduce you to five other people, who we will call your "personal friends." (Illustrate sponsor Doug, Paul, Lucas, Bob, Tony and Ashley) These five will become new friends. You already know your sponsor, and your sponsor knows these people and now that they're introduced to you, can get to personally know them. You will be able to contact them, call them, e-mail them they will become your "personal friends." These are the friends you will be sending friendship birthday cards too each year to let them know you’re participating in HelpsNet. By sending the card the website automatically records your participation and notifies your friends that you are now in their network.We will discuss how the birthday cards can play a larger role later. Your sponsor and these five new friends will make up the 6 people that you are committing to help should they ever contact you with a need. I repeat, Only these six will ever be the ones asking you for help. Remember there is no requirement to help these six friends but you’re telling them you will, if you can. These six "Personal friends” are not part of your network, you are part of their network of friends.

 Now, it is your turn to sponsor six people you personally know into HelpsNet, just as your sponsor sponsored you. This is simply fulfilling the membership agreement that you'll sign when you join HelpsNet.


I. Club Purpose: To establish and maintain an ongoing network of friends who are united together for the common purpose of maintaining an ongoing friendship. We believe in the principles of helps, sharing and giving. It is our desire to voluntarily help friends and share friendship/birthday cards and gifts with other members.

II. Membership Code: We believe in honesty and loyalty toward our fellow members and we believe in promoting respect and integrity within "The Helps Network”.

III. Members duties and Responsibilities: Voluntarily commit to sending my sponsor and my 5 new "Personal Friends” he/she introduced to me, a card and a optional $10 or other gift the same month each year. I will Help them if possible, any way I can should they have a need arise. Sponsor 6 new members, be their friend and help them understand the clubs friendship commitment. Monitor regularly my friends to help promote a healthy network of friends.

IV. Club Goal: To be a friend and make new friends. To be a blessing and encouragement spiritually and financially to my friends. We believe in team effort and the strength of numbers.

I agree with the stated Club Purpose and Goal and will faithfully adhere to the membership code and do my best to voluntarily fulfill my duties and responsibilities. I understand that I am being sponsored first as a friend, and then, as a member, I desire to voluntarily help friends in need and share friendship/birthday cards and possibly gifts with others. On that basis, please accept me as an ongoing, lifetime member and friend. I have called and talked with my sponsor or communicated with him/her in another manner.

The six friends you sponsor will now become the beginning of your network of friends. As their sponsor, you will introduce them to five of your "personal friends” just as your sponsor did with you. This process operates in somewhat the same manner as, the forbidden "chain letter.” Here is where you will take the number one spot as sponsor and the number six spot of your "personal friends” will be dropped. The person you sponsor will now have a new set of 6 "personal friends,” you being one of them. Here is a chart that shows the progression of personal friends each level in your network would have.

Your Personal Friends

Sponsor Doug, Paul,Lucas, Bob, Tony, Ashley

Each Levels "Personal Friends” in Your Network

L-1 YOU(sp.), Doug,   Paul,   Lucas, Bob, Tony                           6

L-2 Sponsor A, YOU,  Doug,  Paul,  Lucas, Bob,                           36

L-3 Sponsor B,  Sp.A,  YOU,  Doug, Paul,   Lucas                        216

L-4 Sponsor C,  Sp.B,  Sp.A,   YOU, Doug,  Paul,                         1,296

L-5 Sponsor D,  Sp.C , Sp.B,   Sp.A, YOU,    Doug                        7,776

L-6 Sponsor E, Sp.D,   Sp.C ,  Sp.B,  Sp.A,   YOU                         46,656

The number at the end represents how many friends are on that level in your network of friends. You will notice that after the six levels your name is no longer in the list of "personal friends." Your network is now complete and would contain 55,986 friends. Here is a graph that shows you how friends multiply through the levels of your network.

Fortunately the HelpsNet website takes care of adjusting your personal friends automatically and takes care of all the math. Remember all you need to do is sponsor six people you know personally into The Helps Network. Of course you would give them all the assistance they need in sponsoring their six people. Your network then takes care of itself if everybody follows the membership agreement, it is just a matter of mathematics.This new network of over 55,000 friends are now in your network. In other words, you are one of the six "personal friends” each person in the network has and are saying "if you have a need I will help you if I can.”

This next graphic has helped me to visualize how the people accumulate through the levels to build my network of 55,986 friends.


If I do need to ask my friends for help, how does that work?

If you remember, all these friends have sent you a friendship birthday card letting you know that they are part of your network and willing to be your friend and help if necessary. They were introduced to you, by the personally known person you sponsored, now they have the ability to personally know you, you both share phone numbers, emails and mailing address. Obviously it would be extremely difficult to call every one of these 55,000 people letting them about your need, so, The Helps Network has provided a way that you can contact them through your email server. This makes it very simple and is explained in your membership dashboard. Your "network friends" learn of your need and those who are serious about wanting to help, can contact you. I personally would not mind people contacting me if they are trying to help. Isn’t that what friends are for. Each individual in your network has the opportunity to examine your need and decide if they want to help you or not, remember that help goes directly to you. The Helps Network does not accept or channel money for you. Whatever arrangement is made, it is between you and your friend, HelpsNet is only providing a platform for you to develop a network of friends who may be able to help you in your time of need. There is no requirement for them to help you, but if they can and want to, the parties involved make arrangements on their own. Your friends can help you in different ways. If they live close enough they may be able to physically help you with the problem. Maybe you will get spiritual help or prayer, prayer never hurts. It could be financial help which goes directly to you. If you are able to let 55,986 people know about your need and they all just sent one dollar, that would be a lot of help.If half of them only sent you five dollars that would equal $139, 965. If only one in ten people sent you $10 you would have over $55,000. Actually one person could completely meet your need. It reminds me of a friend of my wife has. This friend was a member of a Christian insurance company. She had cancer and after treatment the insurance company paid most of the hospital and doctor costs but she still had a balance of $90,000. The insurance company said they had many members that were willing to help people if this type of situation came about. After she contacted the members of this insurance company, in just 2 weeks a couple people paid her entire bill. There are still kind people in this troubled world that want to be a blessing and help others in need. This is what The Helps Network is all about.

 If you’re like me, you would love to help people but you just don’t have the ability to do so. I have anticipated this particular problem and have come up with a way to make it possible for you to have the ability to help others. I call it the "Friendship Enablement Blessing.” Here’s how it works. Remember the friendship/ birthday cards that you are sending to your 6 "personal friends” immediately after you become a member of HelpsNet. I'm suggesting that you take that opportunity to include a small gift and be a blessing to them. When you send your friendship/ birthday card to your 6 "personal friends,” simply include a $10 bill. After all it is a birthday card and people do give gifts to people on their birthday. Every year you’ll be sending the friendship birthday card to your 6 "personal friends” on the anniversary of your membership in The Helps Network. Can you imagine what this would do for you if you received a $10 gift with a birthday card from 55,000 friends? That would be $550,000 every year if your network was complete. If only half of them sent $10 that would be $225,000. If one in ten sent you $10 that would be $55,000 a year, you would have as extra cash to be a blessing to others. You only have 6 "personal friends” so it’s not like you would break the bank for you to be generous. Who said you had to send $10, I’m only suggesting that, one dollar or $5 would be thrilling to receive. You may want to send $20 or $50, that is completely up to you as to how big of a blessing you want to be to your "personal friends.” In my opinion this would do 2 things: you would now have the ability to help your "personal friends” or anyone you know with a serious need. Secondly, with this new blessing it would put you in a position where you wouldn’t need to ask anyone for help.

It’s very important that you understand this "Friendship Enablement Blessing” is only a suggestion. No one is required to participate in this to be a member of The Helps Network. To require you to give $10 or any amount of money with your friendship/ birthday card would make this an illegal chain letter scheme. We certainly do not want The Helps Network to be a participant in any such thing. You need to let your conscience be your guide. Let me repeat that this way: DO I HAVE TO SEND $10 WITH EACH OF THE CARDS? NO. WE CAN’T REQUIRE THAT BECAUSE TO DO SO WOULD MAKE THIS AN ILLEGAL CHAIN-LETTER SCHEME. LET YOUR CONSCIENCE BE YOUR GUIDE!

Let me quickly tell you how you can join this great network of friends. If you personally know someone who is a member of The Helps Network have them explain the program clearly and sponsor you as a member. You will then go to their "personal"HelpsNet webpage, it will read sponsors username and press the "Join Now” button. Or simply go and you can type in your sponsors username after you hit the "join now” button and it will take you to your sponsors "personal" HelpsNet webpage. Your sponsor is the one responsible to help you understand the program, help you sponsor 6 friends and answer any questions that may come up. We’ve tried to make the sign-up process so simple anyone can do it. I personally will take you step-by-step through the sign-up process with a video explanation on every page. We don’t want anyone to miss out on this wonderful opportunity. Even if you don’t personally know someone that is a member of The Helps Network you can still go to and I will personally become your friend or guide you in the right direction.

Before I close want to briefly mention two opportunities. The Helps Network is free for you to use. There is no charge to become a standard member of HelpsNet. Just as I’m asking you to be a help to others the HelpsNet program is my gift to you to try to be a help. It is taken me 12 years and several thousand dollars to make HelpsNet a reality. To keep the Helps Network up and running we must pay for servers and have our programmer on retainer to constantly make sure things are working correctly and update as needed. If HelpsNet is not able to stay online everyone loses. After you join Helpsnet you will go to your personal dashboard where you will see your 6 "personal friends” and have the opportunity to send the friendship/ birthday cards along with a gift if you choose to give it. HelpsNet will be included along with your 6 personal friends. If you find it in your heart to give a gift to HelpsNet, and keep us online we would surely be thankful. Again, you are not required to give us a gift, it would just be you deciding to be nice. To be a member of The Helps Network and take advantage of the program that gives you the opportunity to build your network of over 55,000 friends is absolutely free.

Then I would hope you would consider becoming a Premier Member. The premier membership is made up of HelpsNet members who have decided to join a club within the membership family. There are dues, $10'syearly but you do get certain benefits by being a member. You'll have access to a weekly inspirational message, view and post to what we call, "praise reports" and "helpful Hints." Then there is a "Bulletin Board" this is a forum where you as a premier member can list your need. As any forum, it can be viewed by anyone but only posted to by premier members. In other words, every member of HelpsNet, even those outside your network can view this "Bulletin Board," and do something about the need posed if they want to but it is a forum intended for premier member use. You can find out more about Premier Membership on the web site. Be sure to talk with your sponsor, they will be able to answer or get the answer to any questions you my have.

God bless and thank you for your interest in The Helps Network.