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Premium Membership


                                                                    What is an Premier Member?

The Premier Member is a member who has decided to join a club (The Christian Friendship Club) whose membership consists of other Helpsnet members. The Christian Friendship Club is a separate entity within the Helps Network membership community. It is a club and has membership dues as part of its entrance requirement. To be a member of Helpsnet there is no fee, it is free to be a standard member and build your network.

As a Premier Member you have access to the weekly "Inspirational Message"that is designed to help better your body, soul and spirit.

There are two helpful areas where you can submit and read about members successes and ideas. The first is the "Helpful Hints" tab. Here members submit advice on making your network of friends more successful. As the helps network grows there will be a multiplicity of ideas on how to recruit your six personal friends and help them to successfully employ helpsnet into their lives and follow through with the membership agreement. There will be numerous ways on how to keep members active throughout all the levels of your network. Here you'll find many other areas of help submitted by members like you. Another tab you have access to is called "Praise Reports." This is where members can view and submit success stories of how HelpsNet has been useful in helping others. You may want to submit your success story of how Helpsnet or other charitable giving has made you a better person and gained that feeling of satisfaction from helping others. Here we find words of encouragement in knowing there are still caring people in a strange world. Only Premier Members have access to these.

The "Bulletin Board" is another important aspect of a Premier Membership. This is a forum where you can post your need and get feedback from other Premier members. Like most forums anyone can read what is posted but only Premier members can post to the "Bulletin Board." This means that every member of The Helps Network, in every network in the entire program will be able to read the needs posted on the bulletin board. There is nothing to stop any registered member of Helpsnet to respond to a serious need they may read about on the bulletin board, whether or not they are a Premier Member. In other words, any member of Helpsnet could decide to meet a need posted on the bulletin board, if they so desire, even though the bulletin board is intended for Premier members. The Helps Network could contain over a million members, wouldn't it be wonderful if every one of them were praying for your situation or a number of them helping in any number of alternative ways! Remember Helpsnet is made up of a network of friends who have a desire to voluntarily share and help others.

Let me give you an analogy of the idea behind the "Bulletin Board.". Years ago I came across a group of Christians that started an insurance company. This insurance company was unique in that no one paid monthly or yearly set premiums. There was a membership fee to enroll, which paid for the administration of the company, but other than that there were no fees. The company, like any insurance company, worked out deals and cost figures with medical facilities to get lower rates for their members. What members did agree to do was collectively commit to helping other members of the company pay their approved and covered insurance claims by dividing it equally among all members and each paying their fair share. As an example let’s say there were one million members enrolled in the insurance program. A family had a son who broke his leg and the entire bill from hospital and doctor was $2,000. The cost to each individual member enrolled would be 2/1,000th of a cent. The company would compile claims throughout the month and send each family their total payment share of all claims for that month. For example, 1,000 children broke an arm or leg that month and each cost $2,000 to get attention. The total complied by the insurance company would be $2,000,000. Each member would be responsible to pay $2 that month to cover the bill. More than likely the bill each month is going to be higher than that, but since the insurance company operates as a "not for profit” organization the bill each month would be much lower than a normal insurance company premium. The whole idea was people getting together for a common cause, in this case a insurance program, then using their collective power to meet one another’s needs.

In no way are we claiming or inferring The Helps Network to be an insurance company. What we are saying is, "what is wrong with a few people getting together as friends, hearing about the needs each have and doing something to help if we can.” Whether a person decides to help a friend by praying, supplying the need or giving a little financially that is totally their prerogative. We are providing a method where possibly thousands of friends can unite and be a help and encouragement to other friends.This is only a forum and nobody is required to give anything to anyone for any reason. Whatever a friend decides to do is totally optional and up to them. This fellowship of friends could be a valuable tool in helping people around the country or world, who have legitimate needs. One of them could be you someday. Remember, "what goes around comes around.” The Biblical terminology for that is "….whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap” or "Give, and it shall be given unto you.”

There is a$10 yearly membership feeto become a Premier Member. Why?Because it is a club, and you are getting something as a result of being a member, the inspirational message, access to the bulletin board, helpful hints and praise reports. If there should ever come a time when The Helps Network should cease to exist, God forbid, so would the Premier Membership. There is NO REFUND of your dues once you have become a Premier member. Please make sure that you read the rules and safeguards that are located in the drop-down under the joy now button on the main page or in the information button drop-down on the member dashboard. The prerequisite of being a Premier member is that you're a member of Helpsnet. You can actually become a Premier member during the sign-up process when joining Helpsnet. You do not need to pay the $10 yearly membership fee if you are simply joining the Helps Network, that is free.

Thank you for considering the Premier Membership. I highly recommend you become a member.