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Q: Can I join twice?

Answer:  No. Every member of Helpsnet is only allowed to be sponsored once and remain in their sponsors network of friends.

Q: What is to stop someone from joining twice or listing every family member?

Answer:  Every member of Helpsnet is personally known by their sponsor and personally knows everyone they sponsor, which makes this a tight-knit group of friends.  Since everyone knows each other, people will know when someone is misusing the program (not to infer that you can't sponsor a family member).  The Helps Network governs itself in this manner and members will obviously see when someone is trying to "pull one over" on the membership or being dishonest.  Even if someone did list every family member, the family member will need to be 18 and sponsor 6 friends, it will all come out in the wash sooner or later.  As long as everyone keeps their responsibilities and commitments what difference would it make!  We don't recommend you just sponsor your family members, you will want your network of friends to be as broad and far reaching as possible.

Q: What if I am afraid to give out my personal address?

Answer:  Remember the person sponsoring you already personally knows you. He obviously knows where you live and your phone number already. Everybody in HelpsNet will be personally connected in some way. Your sponsor is going to introduce you to 5 "personal friends" and you will know their address and phone number so you can get to know them better. Helpsnet is a secure website and only the people in your network will know who you are. If you still struggle with giving people your physical address you can always go rent a PO Box where people can send your birthday card or get another line for your phone. You want people to get in contact with you, so you must make sure they have at least a correct phone number, mailing and email address, otherwise what good is it being part of HelpsNet?

Q: Must I be a Christian to join or be a Premier Member?

Answer: No. Anyone can be a part of The Helps Network, Christian or non-Christian and regardless of their religious affiliation.  HelpsNet is not a "religious" organization, it is about people helping people in need because it is the right thing to do.  When a member becomes a "Premier Member" he becomes part of the "Christian Friendship Club," as described in the Premier Membership link, this does not mean he or she is or must become a Christian.  In this case the word "Christian,"  which means "like Christ," refers to the attitude or demeanor that Christians are supposed to exemplify.  This is the spirit of giving and helping those who can not help themselves.   


 HelpsNet Program

Q: Is it legal?

Answer:  Yes.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with people making friends and participating in a network of friends who share with each other.  What would make The Helps Network illegal would be for us to require members to give monetarily or in any other physical manner to attain membership or rank.  To require members to give would make this a gifting program or chain letter and Helpsnet is neither of these, nor do we want to be mistaken for them.   To be a member of Helpsnet is absolutely free.  We have actually had the entire program reviewed by one of America's leading Network Marketing lawyers and he gave it an enthusiastic "Your plan as written is entirely legal" confirmation and offered to represent us free gratis should anyone challenge that opinion.


Q: Why warnings about gifting and chain letters?

Answer:  Because the Government has deemed these two activities illegal!  There are many gifting programs, chain letters and multilevel marketing schemes that have taken advantage of well-meaning people. The Helps Network is none of these yet uses some of their networking principles to help its members build a network of friends, thus, some will mistakenly associate Helpsnet with these particular programs. We want to make it clear that we are not, never intend to be and don't want to be represented as any of those programs.

Q: Am I required to give gifts before I receive gifts?

Answer:  No.  As mentioned in several places throughout the introduction of HelpsNet, no one is required to give a gift to be a member of HelpsNet.  This is a free platform for a member to use to make friends and help others ONLY if they want too.


Q: Do I have to send a card to my Personal Friends every year?

Answer:  No. As mentioned in several places throughout the introduction of HelpsNet, no one is required to send a card or give a gift to be a member of Helpsnet. This is a free platform for a member to use to make friends and help others ONLY if they want too.


Q: Do I need to pay taxes on any money or help I receive?

Answer:  According to the United States tax code the annual exclusion for 2014 and 2015 is $14,000  for gifts from one individual. This basically means you can receive up to $14,000 from any one person during the fiscal year and not have to report it on your taxes. The way we understand it is like this, your dad could give you $13,999, your mom could give you $13,999, your uncle could give you$13,999, your friend could give you $13,999 in 2015 and you would not have to report those gifts on your tax return. To know what it will be in the future you will have to reference the tax code for that year. Please don't consider this legal advice, if you really want to positively know tax liabilities contact your professional tax consultant or tax lawyer.


Q: Why just 6 friends?

Answer:  Because it makes things simple.  We want the goals of Helpsnet, helping people and building a network, to be realistic and attainable.  Having only 6 "personal friends" to help and only 6 friends to sponsor into HelpsNet makes a members responsibilities easy, yet offers him or her the opportunity to be helped in a significant way.



Q: Will 55,000 people be calling me?

Answer:  Possible but unlikely. If the 55,000 people that are calling you are all members of Helpsnet, and are calling you to let you know that they are willing to help you should you ever have a need, I'd answer the phone! I would love to have that many people call me and say "if you have something that you need I would like to help you with it." The 2nd thing is, if that many people are calling me and a certain percentage of them were going to give me a birthday card and gift, which could be $10 or more, I would be more than happy to answer the phone. Realistically I doubt you would be getting that many calls.


Q: Will 55,000 friends be asking me for money?

Answer:  No. There will never be more then your 6 "personal friends" that will ever ask you for anything.


Q: How do we let our Network know if we have a need?

Answer:  There are several ways you can let people know you need help.  You have their contact information so you can use that to write, call, e-mail, etc.  Since your Friends Network may be very large we can suggest couple ways to let them know of your need.  1. Your first level of friends (the six you sponsor into HelpsNet) can be notified through your dashboard contacts and they can spread the news.  2. You have the availability to download your entire Friends Network into your personal e-mail program with a CSV file.  Do this then send out an e-mail to your friends.
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